What is an online signature PIN for Form 940?
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An Online Signature PIN is the one that you have received from the IRS by applying online to file 94x forms. This PIN can be used while you file 94x forms online. Once you register for the online signature PIN, you'll receive the complete PIN from the IRS through postal mail.

If you're filing Form 940 online using ExpressEfile, you can either use the online signature PIN or use Form 8453-EMP to sign the return and authorize “SPAN Enterprises LLC” DBA “ExpressEfile” as an Electronic Return Originator (ERO). If you're using the Online Signature PIN while filing Form 940, please make sure you're entering the correct PIN that you received from the IRS as your return will be rejected for an incorrect online signature PIN.

With ExpressEfile, you can sign your Form 940 using either Online Signature PIN or Form 8453-EMP. E-file Form 940 Now

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