When is Form 941 Due?
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Applicable To
941 1099 / W-2 2290

File IRS Form 941 only once for each quarter and is generally due by the last day of the month following the end of each quarter. For example, you must report wages you pay during the first quarter which is January through March by April 30. Here are the due dates to file Form 941,

Quarter 1 (January, February, March) is due by April 30
Quarter 2 (April, May, June) is due by July 31
Quarter 3 (July, August, September) is due by October 31
Quarter 4 (October, November, December) is due by January 31 of the following year

?If the deadline falls on a weekend, then the forms are due the next business day. The IRS may impose penalties and interest if taxes are paid late, and returns filed late at a rate set by law. 

Usually, failure to timely file a Form 94X may result in a penalty of 5 percent of the tax due for each month or part of a month the return is late. 
You can avoid interest and penalties if you remember to do the following,

Deposit or pay your taxes when they are due.
File your fully completed Form 941 on time.
Report your tax liability accurately.
Submit valid checks for tax payments.

Instead of paying penalties, you can easily e-file Form 941 with Express E-file or TaxBandits within 15 minutes. 

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