How to correct Form 941?
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Applicable To
Form 941 Form 1099 / W-2 Form 2290

If you made an error in previously filed IRS Form 941 and Form 941-SS, you can correct them using Form 941-X.

Correcting your Form 941 filing mistake is a fairly easy task with ExpressEfile.

As and when you find errors in 941 filings, it is important to amend them as soon as possible. Report it to the IRS once you discover the error and there is no need to wait until the end of the quarter when you’ll file your next 941 return.

You can correct the errors made in the following:

  • Employee wages,
  • Income tax withheld from wages,
  • Taxable social security wages,
  • Taxable social security tips,
  • Taxable Medicare wages and tips,
  • Taxable wages and tips subject to Additional Medicare Tax withholding.

As per the IRS instructions, it is mandatory to explain the errors. Also, you need to enter the date you discovered the error. If you are reporting multiple errors, enter the earliest date you discovered an error.

Form 941-X cannot be e-filed and you have to mail it to the IRS. The due date depends on the date an error was discovered and the error type. If the error is identified between January through March, the due date is April 30.

With ExpressEfile, you can complete Form 941-X in minutes of time. To learn more about Form 941-X, click here.

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