Why can't I e-file Form 941-X?
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Applicable To
Form 941 Form 1099 / W-2 Form 2290

You cannot e-file Form 941-X because the IRS doesn't support e-filing for this return. Currently, you can only file Form 941-X by paper filing.

Form 941-X is used to correct underreported and overreported taxes reported in Form 941. If you are filing Form 941-X to correct underreported taxes, you may have to pay the remaining tax due to the IRS. In case you're correcting overreported taxes, you can either use the amount as credit for the next return or claim a refund.

If you file Form 941 electronically with the IRS through ExpressEfile and for some reason the IRS rejected your return, you can complete Form 941-X for FREE and then print and mail the form to the IRS. That is, even if you make mistakes, you're covered!

Mailing Address:
The mailing address for Form 941-X depends upon your business location. To know the mailing address for Form 941-X, click here.

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